My name is Steph Thompson. I live in Brooklyn, and I talk to strangers. On subways, in parks, in cafes, and bars. Wherever I travel, there are those people I learn to trust immediately, because they trust me. And we connect. 

Talking to Strangers is a window onto those connections, a view into those conversations and relationships that get formed when hearts and minds meet. 

Join me in making friends out of strangers. 

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Talking to Strangers: Meeting a Perfect Lady...

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

Differences be damned. Coming to harmony with a seeming stranger.

Inviting a perfect stranger into your home...

I met Lady Millard at McNally Jackson Bookstore’s café in NYC’s Soho. I was standing at the counter to get a tea and sit down alone to write, but I’d been talking to the barista when she walked up. I loved her style, and she joined in the conversation. She was deeply impacted by the recent death of a young rapper. I invited her to join me, and we sat and talked for a long while.

Heartfelt Sharing is Too Rare

I realize in these moments of talking with strangers that such mutual heartfelt sharing is rare, more rare than it should be.

It’s funny when you meet someone that you can immediately share your deepest innermost thoughts with, even though you know little to nothing about them. She told me she was a graffiti artist, and she made jewelry, and she worked in various ways to help her community. I told her I was a writer, and that I do ‘Get in Tune’ circles with kids and adults, and that I was a stay-at-home mom who tries in my way to help my community--mostly by stopping to chat with people. I realize in these moments of talking to strangers that such mutual heartfelt sharing is rare, more rare than it should be.

We are Enthusiasts, Lady & I, notice the capital E. We both try to talk to people in cafes, to hear new voices, to view things slightly outside the rhetoric of our own bubbles. We try. We try to be flexible, and adopt the new ways of the world. There are so many new ways, which we discussed the next time we spoke, days later, at the same cafe.

What's New In the World




“It’s a New Power,” she said, and I agreed. The shift is palpable, scary maybe, to some. A true democracy allows for every voice. But it can be positive if we allow for it, and if we understand that it includes everyone.

The New Equality for All?

A true democracy allows for every voice.

The new world we're seeing -- the more open, connected world-- has been built by all those who came before us, and is being supported now by all those around us. But do we always notice everyone?

Lady wondered aloud to me, “When we order food for so much money, and the delivery guy is getting $5 an hour, plus tips, do we wonder where they live?”

It is this curiosity, this questioning, that brought us together, Lady & Me. This was our common bond, our passionate, seeking way of life, our attempts to support our communities and to step outside of them to really observe how we (and they) fit into the bigger picture.

Bringing Strangers Home...

We were strangers, Lady and I. And then we weren’t. She joined me in my kitchen, and we put together a delicious meal and shared it. Aaah, the joys of talking to strangers…

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