My name is Steph Thompson. I live in Brooklyn, and I talk to strangers. On subways, in parks, in cafes, and bars. Wherever I travel, there are those people I learn to trust immediately, because they trust me. And we connect. 

Talking to Strangers is a window onto those connections, a view into those conversations and relationships that get formed when hearts and minds meet. 

Join me in making friends out of strangers. 

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Fun with Fritz! Fritz Donnelly, in the Flesh

I met performance artist/filmmaker Fritz Donnelly at a party a few years back. We admired each other's tights, and the rest--as they say--is history. It is awesome when you meet such an incredibly driven person, someone dead-set on changing the world to be what they want it to be. Fritz wants people to connect, and he has some pretty hilarious ways to try to get them to do it! It has been a pleasure to know Fritz. Talking to Strangers always pays.

Tune in as Talking to Strangers talks to Fritz Donnelly!

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