My name is Steph Thompson. I live in Brooklyn, and I talk to strangers. On subways, in parks, in cafes, and bars. Wherever I travel, there are those people I learn to trust immediately, because they trust me. And we connect. 

Talking to Strangers is a window onto those connections, a view into those conversations and relationships that get formed when hearts and minds meet. 

Join me in making friends out of strangers. 

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Best of Jamaica: Charmaine Davis-Elliott

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

I put together the top 5 reasons I LOVED my trip to Jamaica: 

#5. Roadside jerk stands. Yum. 

#4. The amazing blue/green of the Caribbean Sea.

#3. Hiking through the bush with Damon, our amazing machete-wielding guide who cut open almonds, guavas and gave us an incredible fish and yam lunch by Kwaaman Falls.

#2. Surf lessons, jerk and ganga at Boston Bay. 

#1. Meeting this incredible like-minded lady, Charmaine Davis-Elliott,  a self-named "Hustling Housewife" and an awesome spirit! We chatted about her beautiful blessed life in her bungalow overlooking the sea at  Strawberry Fields Together, in Robin's Bay. Of course, talking to amazing strangers is always the best part of any trip!

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A little window into our hike to Kwaaman Falls. Following our fabulous guide, Damon, aka The Man with the Machete, into a hidden cove, filled with swallows, was one of the most awesome experiences ever, not to mention the best, freshest food...can't get more 'local' than this!

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